Museum Of illusions Veliko Tarnovo

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If you are in Veliko Tarnovo, you have probably walked around the Tsarevets fortress at least once. It is a symbol of this beautiful city and one of the must-see tourist attractions of Veliko Tarnovo.

But did you know that several times a year there is an audio-visual show called "Sound and Light"? It recounts the dramatic historical events related to Tsarevets and Veliko Turnovo.

However, some luck is required to watch this impressive dance between sound and light.

The Museum of Illusions has a solution to this problem. On our ground floor you will be able to enjoy a huge artistic copy of the Tsarevets fortress made of sand. We will also be doing regular "Sound and Light" shows.

You will no longer have to leave disappointed Veliko Turnovo because you have not been able to enjoy the spectacle, come and watch it with us.

The "Sound and Light" show is not currently ready for screening. Expect it in a few months.

We are expecting you!